Calgary prepares for mosquito season

Mosquito season is here and the city is gearing up to combat the bugs.

City pest management teams predict an average year for the insects

The city says it did start treating around the city for mosquitoes early this year, so the pest management team is hoping for an average year. (James Gathany/CDC/University of Notre Dame/AP)

Mosquito season is here and the city is gearing up to combat the little suckers.

Anyone whose been outside recently will have noticed the pests out in full force. But despite a soggy start to the year, the city's pest control team predicts just an average mosquito infestation.

"Although we had a very wet spring — there was a lot of standing water — we did get our treatment out early and so we're hopeful that our treatment was timed perfect and we have a very effective treatment, which would mean fewer," said James Burrow, the city's integrated pest management lead.

The city has already completed its first treatment program, Burrow said.

"Typically what we do is we treat those areas around the city where there is standing water. And the water is typically very shallow, like in a big open field or in a ditch."

There are about 30 different types of mosquitoes in Calgary. Several species can hatch at the same time, depending on the weather.