As Calgarians turned to Twitter for the latest information while the city was in throws of the flood emergency, the city's police force was front and centre on the social media site.

Now the Calgary Police Service has been recognized with an award for social media event management for making such effective and timely use of Twitter during the disaster.

The award was presented by LAwS Communications, a U.S.-based law enforcement consulting firm.

"On that Thursday morning, June 20 ... we saw #yycflood trend," says Sean Stephenson, digital communications team lead for the CPS.

"I think the first post we did got shared over 5,000 times and then of course that evening around 4 p.m. we started getting a lot of questions on Twitter," he added.

"I think everybody now at the Calgary Police Service realizes how important social media is." - Sean Stephenson, CPS digital communications team lead

Stephenson says the response from people was immense — 7,060 mentions between June 20 and June 21.

Although the volume was a surprise, Stephenson says they handled it well.

"We were prepared. We deal with crisis communication a lot and so we were able to get out information extremely quickly."

Stephenson says the whole event has really changed how they look at Twitter.

"I think everybody now at the Calgary Police Service realizes how important social media is," he said.

The CPS sent so many messages that they were actually blocked by Twitter as part of a spam-reducing policy.

"They are working on changing their policy for first responders specifically because of this situation."

Stephenson says the award really goes to Calgarians who took to Twitter to help each other.

"I was touched by how many people were just opening up their homes on Twitter ... that's just the way Calgarians are though," he said.