Don't click on the link.

That's the advice Calgary police are handing out after receiving complaints from citizens about emails claiming to help the user settle outstanding traffic offences.

One Calgarian got an email Monday stating they had been observed committing an offence on camera. It urged the user to click on a link that police say likely would have installed a virus.

A second email threatened the user would be reported to police if they didn't pay up.

Neither fell for it.

"The Calgary Police Service does not issue traffic violations via email. All automated summons for traffic violations are mailed to vehicle owners and contain images of the offence," police said in a statement Thursday.

"If you receive an email such as this, do not click on any links or send money or personal information to the email senders."

Police say never click a hyperlink from someone you don't know, and never provide personal information or money unless you are sure of the person or business you are dealing with.

If you have lost money, police want to hear from you at 403-266-1234. To report questionable emails contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.