Calgary police unveiled a Dodge Charger prototype with black and white colours Thursday as the next potential vehicle to stock its future fleet.

The Ford Crown Victoria cars traditionally used by police are not being produced any longer and so Calgary police are trying out the Charger, a Ford Taurus and possibly a GM model to see which vehicle best suits the force's needs.

The department says the switch will improve officer and public safety as well as save money.

Based on pricing for the Chargers, and the reduced cost of the proposed decaling, the move could save the Calgary Police Service more than $1 million.

"Most importantly we are looking at efficiencies and cost," said Insp. Ken Thrower.

The police department says research also identified numerous benefits of changing its cruisers' colour, including enhanced visibility and public recognition.

Calgary police have enough Crown Victoria vehicles to cover the next two years of scheduled fleet replacements, and anticipate it will also be roughly two years before the first black and white vehicles are used in police operations.

It will take up to eight years before the entire fleet is replaced.

To maximize savings, the current police fleet of blue and white vehicles will not be altered.

CPS will be test driving the new vehicles at a variety of community events over the next year and still have to see if all of the traditional police equipment utilized inside the cab will fit. 

They plan to launch an awareness campaign when the black and white cruisers officially take to the streets.