Calgary police will start enforcing the rules around new speed limit hours in playground and school zones on Sept. 1.

The new rules have been in effect since late July, but police have only been giving speeders warnings so far.

​City crews have been busy installing new signs for the deadline. They are stamping new stickers on the current signs to show the new hours.

"We've got almost 5,000 signs, so they're about 60 per cent complete now, and just working really quickly now to get all the signs changed over in time for Sept. 1," said city transportation spokesperson Julie Yepishina-Geller.

The new hours run 7:30 a.m. until 9 p.m. on school days for school zones and seven days a week near playgrounds.

The plan is already getting positive reviews from some parents.

"I appreciate the change," said Calgary mother Carrie Bosinski. "We live in a country where we have nighttime after six o'clock or seven o'clock eight months out of the year and so those playground rules should be in effect."

But not everyone is happy.

"If they have playground zones during the night, you still slow down to 30, but school zones that go all day — I think that's ridiculous," said Calgary's Nolan Boxioo.

With thousands of signs to change, city officials concede a few could be missed. If any tickets result from an incorrect sign police say they will likely be withdrawn.