Calgary police officer charged with assaulting suspect

A 14-year veteran of the Calgary Police Service has been charged with assault while on duty.

Assault charge laid after internal review

A 14-year veteran of the Calgary Police Service has been charged with assault while on duty. 

Police say the incident occurred nearly two years ago. The officer, who is not being named, is accused of using excessive force to restrain a suspect on outstanding warrants just after midnight on Dec. 11 in the Court Services Section.

Calgary police say they decided to pursue the assault charge after an internal review. The alleged victim in the 2011 incident did not make a complaint.

The review led to a formal investigation and the charge of assault on Thursday. 

"The individual that had the alleged incident with the officer did not bring forward this matter," said Acting Supt. Scott Boyd. "This matter came forward as a result of the course of a regular review of procedures and that's how it came to light, and we thoroughly investigated it as a result."

Police say investigators reviewed closed circuit footage of the incident as evidence in the case and there were several other people present at the time of the alleged assault.

However, police would not confirm whether any of the witnesses had filed a use of force complaint.

Police would also not say whether the officer had a history of complaints. 

"Specifics of those nature form part of his employment record, which [cannot be disclosed,]" Boyd said. "I don't have those specifics to share."

The officer has been placed on paid suspension for 14 days. After those 14 days, police say he will be given an administrative duty while the case is investigated.