Calgary police officers can now say "smile, you’re on camera" when they’re talking to you.

On Friday, the service launched a pilot program to test 50 cameras that are worn on an officer's uniform.

The additional policing tools are being tested to ensure they're compatible with the recently-announced expansion of the in-car digital video program.

The body cameras will be worn by officers all over the city, but there will be a concentration in the downtown core.

Acting Sgt. Evel Kiez says the devices could prove to be invaluable in investigations.

"Body worn cameras are going to be worn by the police officers to ensure the gathering of evidence, enhanced officer safety, and to provide transparency for the public," Kiez said.

The pilot project will run until February.

If it's successful, the cameras — which cost $1,200 each — could be adopted and expanded across the entire force.