Calgary police arrested a man in connection to a fatal fight near the Calgary Drop-In Centre on March 17.

John Walmsley died after being stabbed early that morning.

Police had access to several video surveillance recordings. The investigation led police to Edmonton, where officers arrested a man.

Meanwhile, Jordan Hamilton, who speaks for the Calgary Drop-In Centre, says many working at the shelter are still struggling with the death of Walmsley.

"I don't think people can get over this," he says. "A horrible incident happened with the passing of John. The most I think we can do is learn to cope with it."

Hamilton now says many people are asking about how safe the centre is.

"We have security 24 hours a day," he says. "We have wonderful video surveillance. It is a safe place, thousands of people come to our building every single day in peace and in safety looking for help, and that hasn't changed."

Police say they’ll release more details as they become available.