Calgary police officers are investigating some incidents of graffiti in the city's south end as hate crimes.

A swastika was painted on the door of a Jewish outreach centre on Woodpark Boulvevard S.W. last week and more swastikas as well as vulgar language and drawings were also found on four schools.

"These incidents, we're treating as possibly related because of the type of graffiti in all of the premises attacked is of a similar nature," said Const. Andrew Hughes.

Judy Shapiro of the Calgary Jewish Federation calls the incident discouraging.

"It upsets people to think that there are other people in Canada who have so much hate in their hearts that they would use that symbol lightly," said Shapiro

"Because in 2014 it's enough already. You know we shouldn't be seeing that hateful hateful symbol on anywhere let alone a Jewish institution."

Shapiro says the whole community should be upset because of what the swastika represents.

Investigators are looking for three suspects.