Calgary police say they are closer to finding out what happened to Tina Kong and Keven Ses, who were gunned down in a northeast restaurant in 2008.

The two were killed and three others were injured in the early morning gang-related shooting in the 4100 block of Marlborough Drive N.E.


Calgary police released these surveillance pictures of two people caught on camera at a convenience store around the same time as the shooting. (Calgary Police Service)

On Tuesday, Calgary police re-enacted the incident and issued photographs last week of two people investigators believe have more information that could lead to arrests.  

"We have a number of pieces that we have to obtain before we can get to the point where we can lay charges," Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus said.  

"But every bit of information does help — nothing is insignificant."

He also says more people are willing to talk as time passes.


Police say the shooting is linked to a long-standing conflict between two rival street gangs. (Calgary Police Service)

"The individuals who were reluctant to come forward at the time of the incident are now willing to come forward and provide us with information. Allegiances do change over time," Andrus said.

The two suspects are described as white men in their 20s. One stands five feet 10 inches tall and 160 pounds, while the other stands six feet tall and is 175 pounds. Both were armed with handguns.

Police believe that an Asian man in his 20s, described as standing five feet nine inches tall and 165 pounds, helped the two shooters by opening or unlocking the restaurant door.