Calgary police cruisers were forced to push and pin a vehicle off the road early Saturday morning because of what they called an "extreme risk to the public."

Just after 1:00 a.m., police say they responded to a complaint of a collision in the Market Mall parking lot. Officers found a full-size pickup truck, still running, that had driven through a line of shopping carts and hit a parked vehicle. 

The driver, who police say appeared heavily intoxicated, would not get out of the truck and instead hit the accelerator, pushing the parked vehicle that he had apparently collided with. He then began driving erratically through the parking lot.

Next, the driver crossed over a median and went southbound on 49th Street N.W.

Police did not follow but a HAWCS helicopter pursued the vehicle. 

As it continued down the road, police say the vehicle was seen to bounce off both curbs, drive over a median and into a fence off of 32nd Avenue N.W. The driver then continued eastbound on 32nd Avenue.

At the intersection with Shaganappi Trail, the driver went through a red light and nearly T-boned a vehicle passing through the intersection on a green light. 

Police deemed the situation an "extreme risk to the public" and were authorized to force the vehicle off the road using police cruisers.

The four cruisers were able to physically force the vehicle off the road and stop it.

The driver was then taken into custody without further incident. 

There were no injuries to the officers, the public, or the offender, but the police cruisers and the driver's vehicle suffered extensive damage.

Police have a 20-year-old male in custody and say numerous criminal charges are pending.