Two men are in custody following two minor explosions in a southwest Calgary neighbourhood on Saturday evening, police said.

At 7 p.m. MT, residents of the 1000 block of 75 Ave SW reported hearing two explosions. The CPS tactical unit responded and found what looked to be four pop bottle bombs: two of them were live, and the other two had been detonated. No one was hurt and no property was damaged.

Late Saturday night, police said two people had been arrested. They are still searching for a third suspect.

Even though the bombs were small, Staff Sargent John McCarthy said the discovery of the bombs is disturbing.

"There's lots of information that people seem like they find on the internet that gives some of them the ideas to try these things in a residential neighbourhood. I'd suggest those things can cause you to lose a hand or possibly your life by playing with those," said McCarthy.

"Those are not the kind of thing we want to find in our neighbourhood or to come out walking my kid and find a device in my back alley."

Police have not yet laid any charges, but are still investigating.