Calgary traffic cameras caught more than 1,000 infractions per day in 2015

Calgary police mailed out 388,458 tickets to drivers caught on camera speeding or running red lights last year. That's 1,064 tickets per day.

Police catching far more speeders with mobile photo-radar units, as speed-on-green tickets decline

Calgary police focused extra attention in 2015 on drivers who speed through constructions zones with workers present. The number of tickets issued for that offence surges 271% from the year before. (CBC)

Calgary police mailed out 388,458 tickets to drivers caught on camera speeding or running red lights last year.

That's 1,064 tickets per day.

It's also an increase of 20.7 per cent over 2014, which is mainly the result of a surge in speeders caught by mobile photo-radar units.

Infractions caught by fixed cameras — the ones installed at intersections — were actually down last year, with speed-on-green tickets dropping 16.6 per cent and tickets for running red lights down 4.7 per cent.

Tickets issued by mobile photo radar vehicles, meanwhile, surged 46.7 per cent to 273,082 total infractions.

Insp. Ken Thrower with the Calgary police traffic unit said there were several factors that might contribute to the increases, including good weather and the addition of four more photo radar vehicles, bringing the total number of the fleet to 10.

Thrower also said police refocused on residential enforcement last year at the request of communities. 

This interactive graph shows tickets by type for the past three years. Click on a year to see the numbers change:

Here's how the tickets break down, by type of offence and how drivers were caught:

Offence Type201320142015Change ('14-'15)
Photo Radar - Basic speeding79,390110,886191,883+ 73.0%
Photo Radar - Construction zone9,2977,5853,621- 52.3%
Photo Radar - Construction zone with workers present1,7593521,306+ 271%
Photo Radar - Exceeding time-of-day limit (eg: playground zone)64,70867,32176,272+ 13.3%
TOTAL Photo Radar155,154186,144273,082+ 46.7%
TOTAL Speed on Green 105,500116,39097,054- 16.6%
TOTAL Red light16,32119,22718,322- 4.7%
TOTAL Infractions276,975321,761388,458+20.7%

Last year a total of $21.1 million in fine revenue was collected from photo-radar tickets, another $10 million from speed-on-green tickets, plus $3.6 million from drivers caught on camera running red lights.

Tickets handed out the old-fashioned way — by officers pulling drivers over and ticketing them in person — yielded another $15 million in fine revenue, police said.


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