The owner of the Calgary dog that killed a poodle in Temple on the weekend has stepped forward.

Officials say a woman was walking her toy poodle on Templehill Drive N.E. on Saturday at about 9:30 a.m. MT when another woman approached with her two dogs, which are described as "pitbull-type" dogs.

The dogs were on leash when the owners allowed the three dogs to greet each other. One of the large dogs then grabbed the poodle — biting and shaking it — and the poodle died a short time later at the vet.

The owner of the attacking dog told animal bylaw officials that his girlfriend was walking the pitbull and Staffordshire bull terrier at the time of the incident.

They say he came forward after seeing the story in the news and that he is co-operating and understands the severity of the situation.

A mandatory court appearance is required in all serious dog attacks and there are fines of up to $10,000.