Human trafficking is often associated with the sex trade in foreign countries.

New research has uncovered the extent of trafficking in our own city, but also suggests what can be done about it.

"I think it's a large issue," said Susan Brandt, director of Street Level Consulting — a Christian ministry training people to help the homeless and needy. "From what I hear, it's becoming more lucrative now then even the drug or gun trade."

The Action Coalition on Human Trafficking and Mount Royal University released its report today.

It's called Human Trafficking in Calgary: Informing a Localized Response.

John Winterdyk with Mount Royal University's Justice Studies Department says it is happening in Calgary.

"Although there are very few cases successfully brought to court, and the image is that there’s perhaps not much human trafficking going on, one of the things that we found in the study ... is almost every major organization or agency has had some type of contact with a victim of human trafficking."

The report includes recommendations for developing an effective local response to the problem.

Read the report: