Calgary neo-nazi appeals conviction in 2010 beating death

A Calgary neo-nazi who pleaded guilty to beating a man to death in 2010 wants a new trial.

Tyler Sturrup was sentenced to life in prison for killing Mark Mariani

Tyler Sturrup, left, and his friend Robert Reitmeier, right, are both serving life sentences for the crime. (Anti-Racist Canada)

A Calgary neo-nazi who pleaded guilty to beating a man to death in a northwest back alley wants a new trial. 

Tyler Sturrup was convicted and sentenced for second-degree murder a year ago in the brutal, random killing of Mark Mariani

Mariani was kicked and stomped to death in a northwest back alley before being left for dead in a nearby parking lot in October 2010. 

Sturrup and Robert Reitmeier are both serving life sentences for the crime. 

Under Canadian law, he has 30 days from sentencing to file an appeal. It has now been a year, so it is unclear if the court of appeal will even hear his case. 

In a handwritten appeal, Sturrup alleges a miscarriage of justice. 

"I was not receiving adequate guidance from my lawyer," he wrote. "I did not have access to my disclosure as the remand centre lost it.

"At a time when I was psychologically beaten down from prolonged period of time on a segregation unit (almost one year). I was pressured by my lawyer to take this deal. She said 'it had nothing to do with what you did, it's who you are' that would get the Crown a conviction." 

Sturrup indicated he wants a new trial by judge alone.

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