About 80 people participated in forum put on by Telus to talk about its proposed cell phone tower. (CBC)

Dozens of people living in West Hillhurst are vowing to keep up their fight against a proposed cell phone tower in their neighbourhood.

On Thursday evening, Telus held a forum so people could voice their opinion and ask questions about the proposed 25 metre tower that’s planned for the Kensington Legion.  

But some people living in the area are concerned because the tower would sit less than 75 metres from some homes.

"Telus has their own building at 15th Avenue and Kensington Road -- They can put it there," said Mark Sutter who was one of about 80 attendees at the forum.  "Then we can't argue -- It's on their own property."

Telus spokesman Chris Gerritsen says they have explored every option.

"Engineering wise, these towers need to be placed at a proper enough distance apart so they don't interfere with each other, and additionally we need to also find a willing landlord," Gerritsen said.

Resident Per Lofgren says the tower is just part of progress.

"I value the service I get by using my phone," Lofgren explained.  "I use it for work, I talk to my family, I use Wi-Fi at home -- It's part of my life, I'm very connected."

Telus will review the public comments and get an opinion from the city.

The final decision is up to Industry Canada.