Almost 12 years after it happened, the murder of a Calgary mother has finally made it to trial.

The body of 37-year-old Corinne Belanger was found in her northeast home in April 2001. She had been shot in the chest three times.


Lily Belanger, the mother of the 37-year-old victim, was glad to see the case finally in court Monday. (CBC)

Barry David Brown was arrested during a traffic stop in 2010, and charged with second-degree murder. The charge was later upgraded to first-degree murder.

Lily Belanger, the victim's mother, is glad to finally see the case go to trial.

"Somedays I thought we would wait forever and nothing would ever happen," she said.

"It means a lot because it's like she wasn't forgotten.... And maybe whoever did it will pay for it."

During the opening statements, Crown attorney Carla McPhail described Brown as a close friend of Belanger's estranged common-law husband.

The couple had a son, and Belanger was seeking sole custody of the boy.

McPhail says evidence was left behind that proves Brown shot Belanger three times while she was getting ready for bed.