More than 500 city workers will be gradually allowed to return to their work stations at Calgary's municipal building after a structural problem forced them out.

Several floors in the building were closed last fall because of a deficiency with a 30,000-kilogram steel truss.

"The problem with the truss hasn't been fixed yet but that end of the building has been shored up so it's safe for people to return," said Darrel Bell with the city's facilities management group.

However, moving 500 workers back in over several floors of a large building won't be an overnight process, he said.

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More than 500 city employees were forced out of their work areas because of the faulty steel truss. (Scott Dippel/CBC)

"There's files, there's computers, there's ... the work we've done inside those floors require us to reassemble some of the furniture elements that have been displaced."

4 councillors also displaced

Four city councillors were among those forced to move to temporary offices elsewhere in the municipal complex.

Coun. Richard Pootmans says he's looking forward to being back in the same space as his other council colleagues.

"I don't think council is as strong ... when we're separated like that," he said, adding the four were often separated from the "regular daily froth of activity."

Everyone will be back in their offices by the end of August.

The repairs to the truss are still being finished, but Bell says that work should be done by the end of the year. A temporary shoring beam has been installed in the meantime.