A suspect in a Calgary shooting incident was shot and killed by police following a lengthy standoff that closed several blocks of a northwest community for hours Sunday evening, police confirmed in a release.

Several police units and a helicopter were involved after police received a report of gunfire at about 4:40 p.m. MT in the northwest section of Huntington Hills.

Police had cautioned residents near the 1000 block of 78th Avenue N.W. to take cover in their basements. There were reports the suspect was shooting into the street, hitting several nearby homes and a city bus. 

Dozens of officers were dispatched to the scene, Duty Insp. Peter Siegenthaler said at a news conference late Sunday evening.

Calgary police Duty Insp. Peter Siegenthaler

Calgary police Duty Insp. Peter Siegenthaler said at a news conference late Sunday that it's a miracle no one else was injured in the armed standoff. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

The suspect, who was known to police, had discharged several rounds from his home, Siegenthaler said.

"We've been at that residence previously but I don't have any further information," he said.

Sources told CBC News the man was in his 50s and was in a wheelchair, and had a number of firearms in his possession.

Police said the situation escalated to the point where police shot and killed the suspect.

Siegenthaler said it was a "miracle" no one else was hurt.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) is now investigating.

A resident who lives about 150 metres from the suspect's house says it was a tense situation.

Kevin Brennan

Kevin Brennan, his wife and their 14-month-old daughter live about 150 metres from where the armed standoff took place. He says he heard five shots. (Meghan Grant/CBC)

"It was scary," Kevin Brennan, who used to be a police officer in Ireland, told CBC News.

"I heard five shots and it sounded to be from a pretty small calibre gun from where I was," he said.

"We are not from Canada and we are not used to gun violence, and everywhere we seem to move in Calgary somebody is getting shot or something crazy is going on."

Another resident says it was unsettling.

Ken Cooper

Ken Cooper has lived in the area about 10 years. He says it's typically a quiet area. (Kate Adach/CBC)

"It's a little too close to home," said Ken Cooper, who has lived in the community for about 10 years.

He says aside from the odd noise complaint, it's a quiet community.

"Police come up the street now and again, but very seldom do we get stuff like this happening,"

Cooper says he heard about half a dozen shots that he believes were from the police.

Brennan says he was out walking with his wife and 14-month-old daughter when an officer in an unmarked car told him to go home and stay inside in the basement.

"We have lived in four different places in Calgary," Brennan said. "And my wife just said once we leave here we are going home, we are not moving anywhere else [in Calgary]."