A Calgary MP has taken complaints from his constituents about increased airplane noise directly to the airport authority.

Deepak Obhrai says he has received more than 100 complaints since the new Calgary airport runway opened last month.

Runway opens

The new runway at Calgary's airport is causing many nearby residents to complain about noise. (CBC)

Jetliners are now flying over areas of Calgary that didn't previously see much air traffic. While there's not much the federal government can do, Obhrai says the airport will do a public consultation.

"We agreed that they needed to intensify their efforts to start dialogue with the communities affected," said Obhrai.

"They have done the dialogue but it's obvious, as I pointed out to them, from the emails and complaints that we are getting [that] a whole lot of them are saying, 'We were not consulted.'"

People who live in northeast communities like Rundle and Marlborough say that the constant noise is taking a toll on them.

They say they can't hold a conversation in their backyards or even hear the TV inside their homes.

New runway air traffic maps

The old runway's flights and departures are shown here in red and green. The new runway, in yellow and white, creates a flight path over many additional communities who say they weren't told they would be affected. (Calgary Airport Authority)