On International Women's Day, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel offered some very candid thoughts about her experience after nearly six years in office — saying the federal Liberals don't have a monopoly when it comes to women's issues and policy.

"A quota for nominations and appointing women, that's not the answer. Because you need to set women up for long-term success," the Calgary MP said.

"I mean it took me four, five years to figure out how to deal with the public scrutiny and the hate that I get in my office without that crushing my soul."

Prime Minister Trudeau announced Wednesday $650 million in funding over three years for women's sexual and reproductive rights abroad — and has received praise for appointing a gender-balanced cabinet — but Rempel says the Conservatives can do feminism too.

"They're not partisan issues, They're not limited to any one party. All women face this."

She says she's been heavily criticized as a relatively young woman in the House of Commons who has chosen not to have children, yet she hopes to use her position in the public realm to shed light on child care issues

"Many women spend time being primary caregivers. And that certainly restricts them from having the time to build financial fundraising networks, to network and be able to build a volunteer team."

Rempel says the Conservatives' matrimonial property rights bill and equality in tax fairness for women are just a couple of things the Conservatives can deliver on.

She says women's issues will be a factor when it comes to who she'll support in the Conservative leadership race.