A Calgary mother is still looking for answers 10 years after her son was killed.

Aaron Shoulders was stabbed outside the now-defunct NYLA nightclub in Calgary on Aug. 17, 2003. He was taken to hospital where he died on Sept. 1.

His mother alleges more than 200 people witnessed the stabbing, but says no one came forward to police.

"A living hell, that's the best way to describe it," said Shoulders' mother, Steffie Stehwien. "He just turned 18, graduated high school and went dancing to celebrate his birthday and his graduation – and never came home."

Shoulders' case remains unsolved and no one has been charged in his murder.

Annual walk


Aaron Shoulders was 18 when he was stabbed outside NYLA nightclub in downtown Calgary in 2003. No one was been charged in his death. (Courtesy: Aaron Shoulders Memorial Website)

Stehwien now organizes an annual walk in her son's memory.

On Saturday, his family and those of other young murder victims gathered outside the Calgary Court House for the Justice Walk.

The walk aims to keep Shoulders' memory alive as those involved call for tougher penalties – as life sentences with no chance of parole – for young murderers.

"It's like a slap on the wrist," said Dale Prevost, whose son, Gage, died after being pushed between two C-Train cars in 2007.

His son's killer has since been released.

"These people are sentencing us to live our lives without our loved ones and yet within months or years — if you're lucky enough to get a conviction — these people are back out on the streets," said Prevost.

For those gathered on Saturday, the walk was an opportunity to keep their loved ones' memories alive.

"He would've been 28," said Stehwien. "He should've had a life like everybody else, he should've been able to get married, have children, celebrate his successes in a career, and it's all gone."

Anyone with information about Shoulder's death outside NYLA nightclub — or any other unsolved investigations — is asked to contact Calgary police.