A Calgary mother whose son died in a motorcycle accident is teaming up with Stars Air Ambulance in an effort to keep riders safe and prevent more deaths on the roads.

Cindy Letourneau's son Chris was killed while riding his motorcycle to work last September. 

She is grateful to the emergency crew who arrived on the scene and says they provided comfort to her son in his final moments.

Stars Air Ambulance responds to more motorcycle collisions on long weekends and with the approach of September's Labour Day weekend, the group is anxious to get the word out about the risks of riding a motorcycle. 

Stars paramedic Greg Barton says the injuries are serious and, in many cases, life-threatening.

Barton says part of the problem is that many people ride without realizing how much power their bikes can have.

"The motorcycles that come out of the shops today are high-performance machines and in many instances people are getting on them that can't handle them," said Barton.

Cindy Letourneau has a message for all drivers this coming holiday weekend.

"I see so many people driving cars and bikes and they just don't think that it only takes a second, and my life has changed forever."