Shelby Anna Herchak faces a charge of second-degree murder in the death of her infant son. (Facebook)

A Calgary woman accused of killing her infant son has been granted bail for a second time.

Daniel Herchak was 26 days old when he rushed to hospital in August of 2010, but died later that day.

Police say an autopsy showed the cause of death of was blunt force trauma to the boy's head.

Shelby Anna Herchak, who was 18 at the time, is charged with second-degree murder.


Daniel Herchak was 26 days old when he died at the Alberta Children's Hospital in Calgary. (Facebook)

Her earlier bail was rescinded after she breached conditions, including curfews.

There were several postings on Facebook alleging Herchak had been at the Back Alley Night Club in the hours leading up to her baby's death.

The Crown agreed to release her on her own recognizance with several conditions: Herchak is not allowed to drink, she can't have friends over past 10 p.m., she's not allowed to have any contact with three specific people and she must have a landline telephone.

Herchak's trial date has not been set. Court heard Tuesday morning there is new information in the case, so her October trial is now adjourned while the Crown and her defence lawyers meet to discuss the next step.

Her next appearance is Oct. 11.

With files from CBC's Meghan Grant