Firefighters battled a smouldering auto wreck pile for 10 days after it caught fire in late April. (CBC)

Calgary Metal Recycling has been ordered to cut the size of its "auto fluff" pile.

It's the material created from crushing cars and a huge pile of it caught fire in late April.

It took 10 days for crews to put the fire out.

Fire Chief Bruce Burrell says inspectors told the company to deal with the giant pile two days before the big fire.

"They actually did go down on the Friday night before the Sunday evening and did give the verbal direction to the company that they had to start breaking down that pile into smaller piles," he said.

Burrell says the provincial fire code limits how much material can be stored in one pile.

"Subsequent to the incident, we've actually provided them with written orders which have a time frame on them for compliance," he said. "So they have to start doing work on getting those piles broken down by June 4 or we'll be taking further action against them."

Burrell says the pile held about 120,000 cubic metres of combustible and toxic material.

He says it could have been a significant environmental problem if crews had not been able to keep it under control.