Calgary's mayor announced Monday that he will holda series of town hall meetings in a bid to boost public support in hisfight with the province over taxes.

Dave Bronconnier announcedthemeetings on Monday, saying the focus would be his plan for the city to keep the education portion of the property tax, worth $500 million a year.

Calgary needs $5 billion worth of repairs and the provincial government doesn't seem interested in helping, he said.

Bronconnier hopespeople will go to the meetings then contact their MLAs to get the matter on the government's agenda.

"If Calgarians feel the same way as I, they'll pick up the phone and let their members of the legislature know that it's important that their tax dollars go to work for them in the best available way, which means their local priorities."

Of the provincialConservative leadership candidates hoping to replace Premier Ralph Klein, only Lyle Oberg has even mentioned municipal concerns, said the mayor.

The first of the meetings will be held in northeast Calgary Wednesday evening.

  • Oct. 18: Pineridge Community Association, 6024
    Rundlehorn Dr. N.E.
  • Oct. 24:Mountain Park School, 312 Mount Douglas
    Close S.E.
  • Nov. 1:Sir Winston Churchill High School, 5220
    Northland Dr. N.W.
  • Nov. 8: Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School, 220 Canterbury
    Dr. S.W.
  • Nov. 14: Western Canada High School, 641 - 17 Ave.

For all of the meetings, thedoors open at 6:30 p.m.Bronconnier will speak at 7
p.m.then takequestions from the audience.

If Bronconnier gets the education portion of the tax, he says Calgary will see 43 schools built and 10 renovatedover the next decade.

The city would build and maintain all the public and separate schools in Calgary, then develop vacant or surplus school sites to raise money for other projects, including a new LRT line, roads,and fire and ambulance stations.