Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi has paid off his bet to Toronto's mayor after last week's Grey Cup loss by the Stampeders.

Nenshi wore a Toronto Argonauts jersey this week during city council's budget talks and today he donated a total of $660 to two Toronto food banks.

The amount of the donation is based on the weight of Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford.

At $2 a pound - the donation of $660 will be split by The Stop and Daily Bread food banks in Toronto.

Last Sunday, the Toronto Argonauts captured the 100th Grey Cup on home turf with a 35-22 victory over Calgary.

But Nenshi wasn't the only Albertan who lost a friendly bet because of the Grey Cup.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford lost her bet with Ontario Premier Dalton McGunity, and Dr. Clément Lanthier, the CEO of the Calgary Zoo, cleaned out the penguin enclosure Monday after a bet with his counterpart at the Toronto Zoo.