The Calgary Eyeopener spoke with Mayor Naheed Nenshi as he enters the last year of his term on his vision for Calgary and thoughts on running in the next municipal election in October 2013.

He said his biggest priority over the course of the next several months is to continue negotiations with the province towards creating a city charter for Calgary and Edmonton.

"We really need that. There's just so much wasted time and wasted cycles in bickering, in buck passing, between the various orders of government — that should just go away," he said.

"We should clearly delineate who's in charge of what, how's it getting funded and how we are going to deliver those services. It sounds legalistic and dry and esoteric, but I think it's probably the most important thing a mayor can do."

Nenshi says he hasn't thought much about seeking re-election, but he realized over the summer he does have to decide soon.

He plans to make an announcement within the next few months.