A Calgary man took his 31 pet bunnies, complete with leashes, for a walk near 17th Avenue S.W. on Sunday.

Easter Sunday.

The man, an artist who simply goes by Eazy Mac, explains his motivation.

"I'm just walking my bunnies for Easter Sunday, enjoying the beautiful weather we're blessed with today," Eazy Mac said.

Why does he have 31 bunnies in the first place?

"They multiply very fast," he said.

Walk in the park

Eazy Mac says he started with 3 rabbits about 8 months ago, but they 'multiply very fast.' (Andrew Brown/CBC)

He says he started with three fluffy friends about eight months ago.

"They started getting pregnant and I was like 'Maybe I'll give them away' but I felt attached to them, they're so cute."

The artist says the animals offer a great "welcome home" when he needs it.

"Honestly it's very soothing," Eazy Mac said.

"I come home from work and I'm a little stressed and I start playing with them."

With files from Andrew Brown