Calgary man run over by thief stealing his truck

A Calgary man escaped with only bruises after he was run over while attempting to stop a thief from getting away with his truck early Monday morning.

Released from hospital with only minor bruising after attempting to stop theft

A Calgary man is recovering from his injuries after being driven over by his own truck. 

According to police, the man heard someone stealing his wife's Ford truck from their home on Thornlee Crescent N.W. early Monday morning.

As he tried to stop the theft, the man was dragged by the vehicle and run over.

He was taken to hospital in what was believed to be life-threatening condition. However, he was released after doctors determined he had only suffered bruising to his legs.

"The big concern was, obviously, he was run over by a one-ton truck and given the circumstances, it looked worse than it actually was," said Insp. Michael Watterston.

As the thief drove off, he collided with the homeowner's van. The truck was abandoned in the area.