A Calgary man says a couple of months after the flood he is still fighting with his insurance company about compensation even though his neighbours on each side were covered for similar damage.

Repairs of flooded homes are still ongoing around Hugh McMillan's house in Roxboro, a community hard-hit by floodwaters in June. 

He says water came in from sewer backups, which is typically covered by insurance.

"The basement was totally full up to the joists and just a little bit on the main floor," said McMillan.

McMillan says Intact Insurance inspected his home and said because the water got to the main floor it was overland flooding and wouldn't be covered. Insurance companies in Canada do not offer coverage for overland flooding.

Flood victims can appeal

In an email, Intact says reviewing the case file clearly shows it was overland flooding so there's no coverage.

Chris Bourdeau, a spokesman for Alberta's Treasury Board and Finance, says the province is still getting calls from people unsatisfied with their insurance providers.

He says they should appeal again to the company but can call the government if they feel rules have been broken.

"We have a superintendent of insurance that members of the public can call and we can certainly advise them and if someone has a complaint they would like to make against a company they can certainly call," said Bourdeau.

McMillan said he has contacted a lawyer to explore his options.