A Calgary man says his search for a package in the post has gone on for far too long — and is questioning how Canada Post tracks lost parcels.

Mark Van de Veen paid $160 to ship some expensive cookware that he purchased on eBay from the United States in July.

Weeks passed by, but Canada Post told him to be patient.

Van de Veen says he was finally asked to fill out a form in October, but then had to wait 30 days for an investigation.

"I mean, it seems to me like two months after you might not even have the same people there anymore. If they were involved with the matter it seems to me you should be able to figure out who handled it when you've got a tracking system," Van de Veen said.

His package was tracked to Canada Customs and then the trail ended.   

Canada Post says the sender of the item is responsible for starting a claim to be reimbursed.    Anick Losier with Canada Post says they are just an agent for the U.S. Postal Service.

"From there it continues on as any insurance type claim would happen so in this case again it goes back to USPS and the senders are the ones responsible in taking the lead in terms of reimbursing this customer," Losier said.

Losier says the process may be taking a long time because it's involving two countries and two postal services.

Another Calgarian also experienced frustration with a lost package recently. Record collector, Al Cohen, spent months pursuing Canada Post for a parcel containing 40 records from a French band — and then found them himself — on eBay.