A Calgary professional lacrosse player was invited down to Newtown, Conn., last month to help lift the spirits of the local children after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Geoff Snider, who plays for the NLL's Calgary Roughnecks, was asked to help run a lacrosse clinic in the hard-hit community.

"We were there to do a job," he said. "We weren't there to grieve or to feel remorse for anybody. We were there to take a bunch of young athletes' minds off the tragedy that happened there."


Geoff Snider said the goal of the lacrosse clinic was to take the tragedy off the minds of some of the young athletes in Newtown. (nll.com)

Lacrosse is a popular sport in Newtown, so several lacrosse players were on hand but Snider was the only Canadian asked to participate.

"[We] went in there and tried to have a lot of fun and teach the kids, and just be a bright spot in a pretty tragic time there," he said.

Snider says the clinic was a big success and local residents were grateful.

Classes for Sandy Hook students resumed for the first time on Thursday since last month's shooting, where a gunman killed 20 first-graders and six educators.

With their original school still being treated as a crime scene, the more than 400 students are attending classes at a refurbished school in the neighbouring town of Monroe.