The kindergarten class interacts with another Canadian classroom using the social networking site. ((Twitter) )

A Calgary kindergarten class is using Twitter to connect with children from around the world.

The Calgary French and International School class uses Twitter to find out what's happening with kindergarten classes from as far away as Indonesia and France.

"I want my kids to have a sense of:  I'm part of my class, I'm part of my school, but I am also part of this community of children who go to school every day and go to kindergarten and sing songs and play games and learn to read," said teacher Amy Murray.

Murray types the Tweets on her laptop, which is projected on the wall, but the class writes them as a group.

The five- and six-year-olds aren't only learning the importance of speaking another language, but they’re also finding out about countries a world away, said Murray.

The class's Twitter account is security protected – only teachers, kindergarten classes or parents of kids in the class follow the tweets.


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