The jury in a Calgary triple murder trial was sequestered Monday until they reach a verdict.

"You must come to common sense conclusions," said Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Earl Wilson in more than two hours of final instructions to the jury.

"Make your decision without sympathy, prejudice or fear. Keep an open mind but not an empty head. When you go to the jury room, use the same common sense you use every day."

Wilson reminded the jury of the laws that govern the trial, the meaning of reasonable doubt and the process of deliberation in the jury room.


Three people were gunned down at the Bolsa Vietnamese Restaurant in 2009, including an innocent bystander. ((CBC) )

Both the crown and defence gave final remarks last Thursday after four weeks of testimony in the trial of Nathan Zuccherato and Michael Roberto, who each face three counts of first degree murder for the New Year’s Day slayings at a Vietnamese restaurant in 2009.

Known gang member Sanjeev Mann, his associate Aaron Bendle and innocent bystander Keni Su’a were gunned down in an alleged rival gang revenge plot.

The case is one of the biggest gang-related murder trials in Calgary. The deaths are alleged to have come after escalating violence between rival gangs Fresh Off the Boat (FOB) and FOB Killers.

Much of the trial has focused on gang connections between the pair charged and two of the victims.

CBC will report on the verdict as soon as it comes in.