An Alberta judge has ordered the owner of a pair of pit bulls to pay thousands of dollars to a neighbour whose pet was attacked.

The attack happened Aug. 8 in the Calgary neighbourhood of Coach Hill and left the neighbour’s dog needing extensive veterinary care to treat multiple bite wounds.

A provincial court judge ordered the pit bulls’ owner to pay $3,015 in restitution on Tuesday. The owner pleaded guilty to five charges under a local bylaw covering responsible pet ownership.

“The court’s decision reinforces how important it is for dog owners to keep their animals under control at all times,” said city bylaw services spokesman Alvin Murray in a statement. “These dogs were not licensed and were running at large at the time of this attack.”

The judge also fined the owner $900 and imposed the following conditions:

  • The dog owner must complete obedience training with both dogs within 90 days with the Calgary Humane Society.
  • Both dogs must be under the control of someone 18 years of age or older and on leash at all times when in public.
  • A body harness or a two-point leash must be used on both dogs at all times when in public and the leash must be no longer than one metre.
  • Both dogs must be microchipped within 15 days.
  • The dogs are not to be at large and if they do become at large, the owner must notify city bylaw officers immediately.