Freemen Rental Embassy 20130922

With her long fight to get a self-declared Freeman out of her rental property now over, Rebekah Caverhill says her half-duplex in Parkdale is filled with old computer equipment, Freemen manifestos and garbage. (Jeff McIntosh/Canadian Press)

A Calgary Freeman claiming rented property as his 'embassy' has been ordered out by a judge.

Rebekah Caverhill told CBC Calgary that a court order has been issued against the man living in her Parkdale property. The order says the tenant needs to be out of the property by midnight on Friday.

"I was actually relieved, you know," Caverhill says. "I'm still not in the house, and everything else, and I don't know how much damage is in there."

On Monday, Calgary police said they were consulting Crown lawyers to see whether there were any potential criminal charges to be laid against the tenant.

Caverhill says the man ignored an eviction order and placed a lien on her property.

The man claims to be a Freeman-on-the-Land, a growing community whose members don't recognize the rule of law and claim to be sovereign citizens.