Calgary hockey fans are still celebrating this morning's gold medal win by the Olympic men's team, but police say everything went smoothly.

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Dozens of local bars opened for fans who woke up early — or stayed up late — to watch the big game. While some might have hoped for a closer game, most were happy just to be with fellow Canadians.

"The Olympics just brings out the best in people, and this feeling of community spirit and coming together and people connecting," said Premier Alison Redford, who was among the crowd at one bar in Eau Claire. "It's just an exciting time. It's an exceptional time."

On Friday, the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Corporation and Redford gave bars in the province permission to open and serve alcohol at 5 a.m. for the game.

While the AGLC consulted with police in Edmonton and Calgary ahead of the decision, both forces said they did not anticipate any problems from hockey fans — and it seems they were right.

In Calgary, police say everyone behaved well and there were no problems.

Canada won 3-0 over Sweden in the gold medal game.