For those who received a shiny new gadget over the holidays there are lots of options — besides the trash — for the old items they replace.

The City of Calgary suggests people sell their old televisions or computers, give them away for free, or at least take them to an electronic recycling depot.

For more on electronic recycling in the city, including where to drop off old electronics, visit

Calgary's Drop-In Centre takes computers and fixes them for people who can't afford to buy one. Debbie Newman says there are never enough items to meet the demand.

"We see a lot of people coming to us requesting computers and many of those are families with children that need computers for their schoolwork, so we try to meet the demand of the hundreds that walk through our door," she said.

Newman says they also take televisions to give to people moving out of the Drop-In Centre.

To find out how to donate, visit the Drop-In Centre’s website.