A group of Calgary parents and physicians are again saying that all pre-pubescent girls should be vaccinated against a disease transferred mainly through sexual contact.

Girls in public schools can receive the HPV vaccinations, but girls in Catholic schools cannot.

Catholic doctors and trustees are expected to gather at Parkdale Community Hall on Monday morning to urge trustees to change their position on the vaccine.

The vaccination gaurds against the human papillomavirus, which can lead to cervical cancer and other potentially deadly diseases.

Alberta public health has a voluntary vaccination program aimed at girls in Grade 5, which they say will give girls significant protection for the rest of their life.

But, Calgary Bishop Fred Henry says that might compromise the church's teachings on chastity.

He says Catholic parents who want the vaccinations can make their own out-of-school arrangements.

Bio-ethicist, parent, and Catholic Juliet Guichon says the school ban will have tragic results.

"The physicians have told the trustees that they can predict with statistical certainty that there will be disease and death as  a consequence of these children not receiving the vaccine," says Guichon.

In the past, Bishop Henry has called that view "extremist."

Former Alberta health minister Ron Liepert has called Bishop Henry "irresponsible."