Voters in the Calgary-Greenway riding go to the polls next week to choose their new MLA from the seat left vacant by Manmeet Bhullar, the well-respected MLA who died in a highway accident last November.

But one recent poll suggests it could be a close race.

Although Bhullar was a Progressive Conservative, it may not be a shoo-in for the party this time.

Voters of all parties arrived Sunday at the candidates' debate with the room divided pretty much by party.

Prabhdeep Gill of the PCs presented himself as the centrist choice.

Prabhdeep Gill

Progressive Conservative candidate Prabhdeep Gill. (CBC)

"Our party's right in the middle, we're progressive fiscally and socially we're conservative," Gill said, before quickly correcting himself: "Sorry, other way around."

The mix-up drew good-natured laughter from the crowd.

The central issue for many voters was the economy and jobs — which the Wildrose candidate sought to address head on.

Devinder Toor

Wildrose candidate Devinder Toor. (CBC)

"Wildrose is the party doing the best job in standing up for the jobs and trying to stop the NDP," Devinder Toor said.

NDP candidate Roop Rai, countered that the government's approach is about creating jobs.

Roop Rai

NDP candidate Roop Rai. (CBC)

"We need to put this tax on, we need to put this levy on, we need to put this revenue on, or else our product will not sell," Rai said.

"Do you want that? That we do not have any jobs?"

The Liberal candidate struck a positive tone.

Khalil Karbani

Liberal candidate Khalil Karbani. (CBC)

"Let's say yes to investing in the economy today, let's say yes to getting our resources to market and let's say yes to a new way forward," Khalil Karbani said.

Others are hoping voters are looking for an entirely new direction, including Green Party candidate Thana Boonlert and independent Larry Heather.

Thana Boonlert, Larry Heather

Green Party candidate Thana Boonlert and independent Larry Heather. (CBC)

They argue this is the perfect time for the riding to consider voting on values, not parties.

Voters will mark their ballots on March 22.