Many organizations in Calgary are ramping up events this weekend to celebrate a Canada-wide initiative called Culture Days.

That’s because this year Calgary was named the cultural capital of Canada by the federal government.

It shares the title with the Niagara region in southern Ontario.

Karen Ball, who is with Calgary2012 – a non-profit organization that advocates Calgary’s culture – says the title has its perks.

"Because it gives us some bragging rights to say we are the cultural capital of Canada and that makes sense, because we have some amazing culture here and it also provides some investment into the community," Ball said.

Between government grants and private donations Calgary has received about $ 3 million to spend on cultural events and develop local artists, like Karen Mion.

She created an art installation called containR.

"It’s a portable shipping container made into a theatre and a portable movie theatre and in it you are going to see artists and films," Mion said.

Irene Seto writes a blog called Calgary Is Awesome. She can't believe how busy she's been this past year.

"Our site can't keep up with what's going on in Calgary there's just so many people doing great cultural things in Calgary we actually can't get to all these awesome stories," Seto says.

Seto hopes that Calgary's arts and culture scene will continue to flourish as a result of the investments and legacies created through the year.

To celebrate, there will be two events held at Olympic Plaza – a lip dub, which is a cross between a flash mob and lip syncing -- as well as a concert starting at 5:30 p.m. MT.