An expected 500 Calgary homeowners and renters will lineup this week, hoping the provincial government will cut them a cheque to cover losses from flooding earlier this month.

The Alberta government says it will provide $40 million to cover damages in Calgary, Edmonton, St. Albert and Stony Plain from storms on June 3 and June 5 that flooded streets and homes.

Amongthe 248 people who lined up in Calgary on Saturday to apply for assistance wasKenisha Morris, who brought pictures of her damaged floors, a broken hot water tank and washing machine. The business student had to drop out of summer classes because her books got drenched.

"In the fall I hope to retake my courses again. It will mean I am a little behind, but it's just, mentally, there's too much stress to catch up to my class at this point."

She was told it will take up to two weeks for an estimator to come out to her home to evaluate the damage.

Morris said her insurance company won't help because the damage is from water seeping, not the sewer backing up.

Huang Hua is in the same situation. His recently renovated basement was destroyed.

"There's that mould smell happening there. We tried cleaning it, [but] anything behind the walls, that can't be touched."

Disaster recovery officer John Conley warned homeowners that there is no guarantee everyone who applies will benefit.

"It depends on the assessment. If it's not insured, come in here, put in a claim. There's no guarantee of the money, but at least there's a process."

The province only provides disaster relief when the damage is widespread, extraordinary and uninsurable. Officials say the provincial program isn't as generous as insurance. For example, even if a homeowner had an expensive, big-screen TV, they would only get $300 to replace it.

Each municipality is setting up its own centre, and Edmonton, St. Albert and Stony Plain have yet toprovidedetails on how individuals in those communities can apply for disaster relief funds.

Calgary's relief centre is at the Centre Street Church, 3900 Second Street NE and will remain openfrom noon until 6 p.m. each day until Wednesday.