The river levels through Calgary have receded but the damage done by floodwaters that ripped through the city in June is still adding up.

City officials say the cost of repair work for parks and water works alone will run into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

They say the damage is more extensive than it looks. Waterways are clogged with silt and debris and footbridges and pathways are washed away.

As the assessments continue the costs continue to rise.

"Right now, our big number is slightly over $400 million for the repair of infrastructure that we've identified," said Gordon Stewart, the city's director of recovery operations.

"That's not resiliency, that's not response, that's just putting back what's out there to what was there."

The city says work will continue on projects based on urgency and safety, but completing repairs could take months or even years in some cases.

  • CBC's Sarah Konsmo took a tour of the flood damage with city officials today. To find out more about the cost of recovery, watch the video above.