Calgary's Level 3 fire ban was lifted Friday after several days of wet weather, just in time for the May long weekend.

The change took effect at 4 p.m. MT and means restrictions have been removed from using back yard fire pits, camp stoves, solid fuel barbeques, chimeneas and recreational campfires in city parks within provided pits or stoves.

Althought the fire ban has been lifted, a fire advisory remains in place.

People travelling out of town are asked to respect the bans that may still be in place in other jurisdictions across the province.

Fire department officials say people should remain cautious and properly discard their smoking materials.

The Level 3 ban was put in place because of a potential perfect storm of wildfire conditions that firefighters refer to as '30/30.'

For several days, Calgary saw temperatures peaking at 30 degrees Celsius combined with humidty of less than 30 per cent.

A fire weather advisory was issued last week by the province for central and southern Alberta because of the potential those conditions held for out of control wildfires.