Calgary Expo comic characters invade downtown streets

Hundreds of monsters, stormtroopers and assorted villians took over downtown Calgary Friday morning.

'POW! Parade of Wonders!' kicks off Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo

CBC's Devin Heroux brings us the sights and sounds from this year's conference. 3:30

Hundreds of monsters, stormtroopers and assorted villians took over downtown Calgary Friday morning. 

But not to worry, it was just the "POW! Parade of Wonders" aka #POWparade on Twitter  a costumed march from Eau Claire Market to Olympic Plaza.

The event helped kick off this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo taking place this weekend at Stampede Park  one of Canada's largest events featuring film, television and comic book creators and celebrities.

Prince Charming proposed to Cinderella on the steps of Olympic Plaza today as Calgary Expo fans look on. (Devin Heroux/CBC)

The morning parade featured hordes of expo enthusiasts dressed as their favourite comic book, film or video game characters.

Prince Charming even proposed to Cinderella on the steps of Olympic Plaza — and she said yes.

Dara Defreitas and Caitlin Bennett, members of Mount Royal University’s Club N3Rd, stopped by CBC in full costume to talk to David Gray on the Calgary Eyeopener before heading downtown for the parade.

Defreitas said she spent about three months making her costume — Queen Gorgo from the movie 300

Dara Defreitas, left, and Caitlin Bennett show off their costumes at CBC before heading downtown for POW! Parade of Wonders! (Dave Waddell/CBC)

Bennett’s costume Yang from the web-seriesRWBY  took her over 70 hours to make.

“It’s one thing to play a video game, watch a movie, but it’s another thing to go that extra step forward and actually become the character,” Defreitas said.

“That’s why I do it.”

Defreitas said costume play or cosplay  is a good way to boost self-confidence.

“Some cosplayers will actually act their character out, they’ll stay in character, like when they go to conventions and stuff like that. I’m not personally comfortable doing that,” she said. 

“But you do feel pretty awesome when you step into a costume.”

C-3PO attends Calgary festivities

But it wasn't just fans that attended the parade today.

Anthony Daniels, the man behind one of the most iconic characters in science-fiction history — C-3PO, is just one of the many stars at this year's expo and was downtown for the festivities.

He also spoke with the Calgary Eyeopener today about making appearances all over the world.

"I realized the other day that I have become Star Wars man," he said. "Really my career is so much based around it.... Star Wars has presented itself to nations around the planet."

Daniels said he didn't know at the start the movie franchise, which features his character in all six films, would be such a "wonderful phenomenon."

"I'm very happy at my age to be still enjoying the gift that I kind of reluctantly accepted," he said.

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