Calgary EMS station opens to the public

Curious Calgarians got a look at a northwest EMS station this morning.

Event part of EMS Awareness Week

A northwest emergency services centre opened its doors Saturday as part of EMS Awareness Week. (Alana Baker/CBC)

Curious Calgarians got some hands-on experience with paramedics’ equipment this morning.

People chatted with paramedics and checked out ambulances and specialized equipment at an emergency medical services open house at Memorial Drive and 19th Street N.W.

Even Stan, the EMS training dummy, was on display.

"He blinks, he breaths, we can do procedures on him that we do perhaps less on real people from time to time, and it keeps our skills sharp in that way," said EMS spokesperson Stuart Brideaux.

Brideaux said the service is always happy to engage the public in a non-emergency situation.

"Many people who live in the area are familiar with the ambulance, they see it coming and going on a regular basis, but when they can actually come over and see the hall, talk with our staff, even enjoy a cup of coffee and have a donut with us and just chat, in a fun non-threatening environment, it makes it just so much more fun for everybody."

The open house was part of EMS Awareness Week.