Naheed Nenshi, the incumbent mayor, is challenging candidates running in the municipal election to release the names of donors ahead of the Oct. 16 vote.

There is no requirement for candidates to disclose their donor lists until after the election, but as in past campaigns, Nenshi has released his list of donors and promises regular updates as the election goes on.

"This is not a big money campaign. This is people giving $25 or $50 or $100 because they believe in democracy and they believe in a vision of the city, so they are proud to have their names on that list," he said.

"And I will not just encourage but challenge every other candidate for every office to reveal the names of their donors before the election."

Andre Chabot, who is leaving his Ward 10 council seat to run for mayor, says he cannot disclose his donors' names before election day because they have not given him permission.

"There's some specific donors that asked not to be revealed," he said. "So I might reveal my entire list with the exception of those few who said not."

Lawyer and former Progressive Conservative president Bill Smith, who is challenging Nenshi in the mayor's race, says he hasn't even considered releasing that information.

"We'll talk about that as we get closer and once we get some donations in," he said.

Ten people filed nomination papers to run for mayor, and there are at least two people running in each of the city's 14 wards.

The list of candidates becomes official at noon Tuesday.

Under provincial law, campaigns must disclose donors by March 1 following a general election, and 120 days after a byelection.

With files from Scott Dippel