A Calgary man has been sentenced to six years in prison after he drunkenly drove into a motorcycle, killing a man.

Tony Harrison, 45, died in July 2012 on 17th Avenue near 82nd Street S.E. after Kelly James York swerved his van into the oncoming lane.

York was arrested at the scene. His blood alcohol level was between .240 and .250 at the time of the crash. He later pleaded guilty to impaired driving causing death.

Harrison's sister Karen Harrison says she's pleased with the sentence, though says the family will grieve forever.

"Kelly James York gets six years, we get life," said Harrison.

Tony Harrison

Tony Harrison died in May 2012 when a drunk driver swerved into the lane he was driving in. (Courtesy Karen Harrison)

In delivering the sentence Friday, Judge Paul Mason acknowledged York's struggle with alcoholism but noted his history of drinking and driving related offences.

"Alcoholism is a disease," said Mason, "driving while impaired is not part of that disease."

Denise Dubyk, with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said she's pleased with the stiff sentence.

"I'm overwhelmed because this is setting a precedent, this is finally making a true statement about impaired driving causing death."

About a dozen of the victim's friends and family members were in court for the sentencing.

York will get one month credit for the time he has already served.